CONFESS – idea began in the year 2011 as the new digital fashion magazine. In the future, we invite all readers and interested parties to follow our new portal. Our readers are invited to get to know fashion designers, photographers, musicians, actors, architects and media representatives. Focusing on topics like fashion, art, music, beauty, cinema, photos, books and traveling. Our goal is to introduce a wider audience to Latvian fashion designers. Offering stories at the same time about fashion events in the world, fashion designers, photographers, stylists, make-up artists and models. We are about a variety of points of view. We want our platform to be an opportunity for local designers and fashion design newcomers regularly tell the public about their latest work.

Our idea is to merge industries of visual arts in conceptual aspects and display their mutual dependence and result of synthesis. Many artists will be asked to share their experiences and to give a chance for readers to broaden their horizons. This is a new and unique journey in a world of a relation between creative ideas, opinions and ways of thinking.

The platform has been developed in collaboration with “Latvian Fashion Designers Association”.

“Confess” team.

Photography – Elizabeth Jane Rubene, Fashion – Zanete Auzina, Makeup – Victorija Safranova, Model – Anelia Nicole Zodeugan (Thanks to Star System Latvia).