Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Alexandra Moura creates contemporary avant-garde collections for men and women that reflect her personality and creativity. Leading the charge for Portuguese arts and culture alongside current day contemporaries, Moura takes a fearless approach to fashion with a focus on artistic expression and an offbeat spirit. Moura’s collections are traditional fashion reinterpreted with an artistic vision that makes them intriguing, dynamic and downright fun.

“Within The Time Within” Spring/Summer 2018

Inspired by the deterioration of the interiors of Portuguese palaces and manors of the eighteenth century, as well as the inside details of garments from the same period, in her new collection Alexandra Moura explores the concept of the aging process and the signs that it leaves behind, materializing it through an innovative approach that brings the inside out and reveals the soul and the vestiges of that same time. This concept of interior and the traces of time gone by is reinterpreted and brought to us in the form of specific finishes and the misrepresentation of what is used on the inside and outside. The subtle and romantic details are combined with a more high-tech and deconstructed side. Striking shapes, sometimes oversized, sometimes fitted, creating opposites in silhouette, are combine with laces and pockets to create statement looks with strong and iconic notes from another time. Comfortable and urban looks combine knits with sophisticated textures, tulle, and brocade, linen, and cotton, establishing in the collection the perfect connection between classic and contemporary. This collection enhances irreverent, urban, confident men and women who appreciate unique looks. From the different tonalities of ecru and the different shades of black, the red emerges along with a jacquard pattern with floral motifs that transports us to the stucco or the delicate wallpaper in contrast to a plaid pattern that brings together the colors of the palette. Throughout the collection, damaged and frayed fabrics are visible, revealing the wreckage of a hidden past.

Photo: Zanete Auzina