@violette_fr- If a lady in the beauty industry is entitled “IT – GIRL”, then Violet is one of them. Born in Paris, lives in New York. Studied art, working in the fashion industry and loves to travel. It’s been known for a long time that Parisians have a special charm and their beauty secrets. Violet shares her tricks with us. She has a fantastic Instagram account and superb stories. In addition, longer video clips can be viewed on her YouTube channel. This year, Violet became the director of the Global Esthetic Beauty Estée Lauder brand. Photo: Public photo – Instagram @violette_fr.

@vladamua – Vlada Haggerty was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. Currently anchored in Los Angeles. Vlada works not only as a make-up artist, but also as a photographer. Vlada regularly cooperates with these well-known brands: Covergirl, Disney Style, Maybelline, NYX, Pat McGrath Cosmetics, Smashbox Cosmetics. The fascination of creating funny grooms and putting them on the Instagram account every day for five months has been crowned with fascinating success. Not only in view of Vlada’s impressive cooperation partners, but also 792 thousand followers of her. By the way, Vlada is not afraid to speak loudly about plagiarism in the creative world. January 2017 Vlada filed a complaint against Kyle Jenner for stealing her creative work. Photo: Public photo – Instagram @vladamua.

@patmacgrathreal – sorry but we will never have enough of Pat. Though new names are born in the world, she has conquered our hearts forever. At the moment, we can actively follow her new role in the British Vogue edition, as Beauty Editor at Large. Pat’s fearless fantasy is so enticing. With her works and cosmetics, she attracts people as a magnet. As Pat says, “Beauty is now and here, and it has no boundaries.” This year, on December 4, Pat will be awarded to Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator in the framework of the British Fashion Awards. Photo: Public photo – Instagram @patmcgrathreal.

@kyliejenner – It seems that the youngest sister from the Kardashian Clan should not be required any comments in the beauty industry. But if you are in doubt, here are a couple of facts: in 2015, the beauty world will penetrate Kylie Cosmetics. Everything started with a liquid lipstick, which had a striking success. Next, the duo – lipstick and pencil, and the world fell off Kyle’s feet. Fans wanted more and more. Decorative cosmetics are now available for both the lips and eyes. You will find Kylie on Forbes’s list of well-paying celebrities. Not bad for 19 years young girl? Imagine what we can expect in future. And speeches about plagiarism were quickly circumvented by putting Vlad’s name on the pictures. Does the Ukrainian makeup artist receive cash compensation, nobody knows, but a kind of truth was achieved. Photo: Public photo – Instagram @kyliejenner.

@kimkardashian – This top without Kim would be incomplete. In this case, the phrase “Hate it or love it” fits perfectly. But Kim’s role in the world of modern beauty can not be denied. After all, so many women want to resemble her. Kardashian knows what to do and how to do. Kim’s makeup products have been redeemed in an instant. Of course, it’s no secret that Kim has a loyal team that works with her to look as it looks. But yet, people want to become a small part of Kim when purchasing her products. Yes, on the Internet we can also find harsh criticism of these products, but the numbers brought by this cosmetic line of Kim, speak for themselves. Photo: Public photo – Instagram @kimkardashian.

Text: Confess Magazine