Expand Your Lashes!

Expand Your Beauty!

Your eyes are the window to your soul. Frame them brilliantly.

Shiseido’s new panoramic silhouette mascara cares for every single lash, bringing out their supreme length and curl, giving them multi-dimensional effect and unleashing their fullest potential.

The unprecedentedly lightweight, jet-black formula achieves panoramic volume with a beautiful silhouette.

Shiseido has developed an unprecedentedly light powder formula with voluminous effect. In addition, form-keep wax is formulated to maintain the boosted silhouette for long lasting effect.

The unique brush, originally designed by Shiseido, bends to desired angles.

The panoramic brush rotates 360° and bends up to a 30° angle to reach even the tiniest and hard to reach lashes, lifting and fanning them out from their roots.

The brush shapes designed to suit the ethnic characteristics of eyelashes.

Shiseido analyzed the physical properties of eyelashes and developed the best brush shapes to accommodate and give beautiful finish.

Resist sweat. The just-applied finish lasts all day.

• 8 hours lasting
Can easily be removed using warm water.
Gentle formula for eyes

• Dermatologist-tested
• Ophthalmologist-tested

No fragrance added.

Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara

8ml, 2 tones: black, brown. Price in stores: 32 EUR.