If you haven’t seen or heard of Jen Atkin’s work, it’s time to wake up! Jen Atkin is not only Hollywood celebrities’ favorite hairstylist, but also the creator of the top quality OUAI hair products. Jen styles celebrities’ hair for all occasions, from everyday to red carpet appearances. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to be everywhere. She styles celebrities’ hair for magazine photoshoots, advertising and music video clips, important brands’ ads and fashion shows. Her most notable clients are the Kardashian family, Chrissy Teigen, and the top-model sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Jen Atkin was born in 1980, USA and grew up in a little community in the Hawaiian islands. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles. There isn’t much information about her childhood, but who cares, her work speaks for itself. She started her carrier as any other mortal, becoming an administrator at a hair salon. At the same time, she continued her education. Her next step was becoming a personal assistant to well-known and notable hairdressers. In 2006, Jen assisted hairdresser Andy Lecompte in Madonna’s Confessions tour. Her childhood dream had come true, as already at a young age she knew that she wanted to be part of George Michael and Madonna’s worlds. After the tour, Jen was given a post at Lecompte’s salon, where she is still working today. Atkin is known to be very hard-working, and often she also sacrifices her weekends to her carrier. Thanks to her dedication to her work, Jen has a circle of loyal customers, and she has worked for the very best. In 2008 and the two following years, she worked together with John Galliano, styling hair for Dior fashion shows in New York, Paris, and China. Jen is always on the move between Los Angeles, New York and Dubai. When asked about the key to a successful carrier, as one of the most important factors she mentions constant self-discipline. Self-discipline leads many to their goals, whilst others are just hanging out with their friends. Jen has a very interesting view of the hairdresser’s profession, as she says that only 30% of it is talent and the other 70% is the personality of the hairdresser.

In 2014, she founded Mane Addicts, which quickly became an incredibly popular web site. Mane Addicts is a guide for the best hair salons, products, as well as their use and the best ways of styling hair. One of Atkin’s inspirations is Jessica Alba and her company The Honest Company.

In 2016, the OUAI hair products were released. Straight away they became best sellers. An aesthetic design, produced without harsh chemicals but with an aroma that so many women love. On the OUAI homepage Atkin offers her best products as well as a guide to making the most trendy hairstyles. Of course, the site also has video tutorials on how to tame your hair at home.

It is a great mystery how Jane can manage all of this, but her clientele is trustworthy and famous worldwide. After all, the Kardashians, Gwen Stefani, and Sofia Vergara have become idols for many women. If you wanted to have the same haircut as one of these celebrities, you would have to be up for spending at least 600 dollars. This is where each of us has to decide whether we are ready to pay for 30% talent and 70% personality. Jen’s clientele makes her seem a wonderful person, and it is to be noted, that during her carrier she has never been involved in any bad rumors or intrigues. Her image has remained spotless and alluring. Keep doing a good job, Jen!


Photos: Public photos – Instagram @jenatkinhair

Text: Katrina Zusevica