36. Line Restaurant is not only one of the most popular restaurants in Jurmala, but also all of Latvia. In fact, this restaurant is also considered to be one of the best. The 36th-line restaurant is run by chef Lauris Aleksejevs. You can see that the menu is well thought out because it is not so easy to choose what to enjoy. The interior of the restaurant is simple to compare to many others and stops at the classic values. But let’s not forget that simplicity is often the key to success. The best impression in this restaurant left – service. Not only the waiter who was serving our table but also the whole staff was at the height of the task. If it is not possible to notice it in other places, then it was so obvious that the waiters were able to conquer the guest’s confidence in a few seconds. The service in this restaurant left a better impression than food. And this is a compliment if the restaurant team is able to leave such an impression. The wine was greatly matched to the food. In turn, the food was fresh, with pleasant flavor bouquet, but without surprise effects. This time, the dessert called “Light plum marshmallow with meringue, whipped vanilla cream, plum sorbet and berries” left the very best impression. Not a moment’s regret for the choice of this sweet dish – airy, tasty and visually beautiful. But in any case, if you have not already done so, include this restaurant in your guide.

The Interior ♥♥♥ Service ♥♥♥♥♥ Food ♥♥♥