A city bathed in a special light. Loved by artists and lovers. Indeed, in Venice art awaits us behind every corner. Exhibitions, street artists, workshops, and historic cafés, such as the Caffè Florian or the Gran Caffè Quadri, as well as pubs frequented by charismatic personalities, Harry’s Bar being one of the most popular. Rumour has it that Hemingway, Chaplin, and Capote were very frequent guests there and that nowadays, Woody Allen pays a visit every time he is in Venice. Almost none of the Venetian restaurants have classic white tablecloths, because people there love to play with colors, respecting the history of their city. One moment the streets of Venice can be crowded, the next they are quiet and narrow. It seems that every single wall of every single building hides something interesting in it. The basilicas perfectly reflect the history of Italian art. Each of the basilicas is a breath-taking gallery of sophisticated artwork. The mysterious streets of Venice are blessed too – marble icons, images of the Virgin Mary and miniature statues of saints in the middle of the streets are just but a few examples. Of course, a must-see on your Venice visit is the Venice Biennale. It presents its audience with contemporary art from all over the world. As usual, this year the Biennale was held in the Venetian Arsenal and the Giardini park, not to mention the various exhibitions throughout the city. In this year’s Biennale one could visit the exhibition with a rather passionate title Viva Arte Viva, created by the curator Christine Macel. This year, the Latvian pavilion presented the work of the artist Miķelis Fišers, entitled “What could go wrong”. We would like to offer up the Venetian streets, architecture and artworks for your own evaluation. Go and experience it yourself.

Text and photos: Katrina Zusevica