WONDERLAND magazine – Please do not say that fashion magazines do not have reading material. In this case, you do not have the right fashion magazines in your hands. Wonderland is a fantastic edition that actively attracts attention to today’s popular culture. Fashion, cinema, music and art are glowing themes that the magazine keeps on track. This edition has managed to combine entertainment, challenge and information accessibility. The magazine itself emphasizes that it does not want to dictate fashion rules to its readers, but to inspire them. Indeed, in the Wonderland publications, you can find interviews with both well-known personalities in the context of world culture and the discovery of new talents. It is very well demonstrated how to balance the very well known with the unknown. Interviews are enjoyable. In fact, Wonderland has so far not been disappointed. Inspiration is guaranteed.



i-D magazine – a magazine that does not require unnecessary comments. This magazine has definitely gained a cult status. Of course, this magazine also considers fashion, art and music to be its main themes. Another very important topic that i-D is constantly considering is youth culture. i-D is a long-lived, the magazine is published since 1980. Ever since 80 years, i-D is not afraid to discuss topics that others seem awkward. The magazine is also known for constantly looking for new talents. The fantastic photographers Mario Testino, Nick Knight, Juergen Teller, Craig McDean and scandalous Terry Richardson have also started their career with i-D. In the context of i-D, exhibitions and books have been produced. Let’s say i-d know what they are doing and they do it very well. God save i-D!

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VOGUE British – It turns out that this is a major year of change for Vogue spending. Unfortunately, Vogue Italia suffered heavy losses with Franca Sozzani’s death. Now, everything is in the hands of Emanuele Farneti. Will Vogue Italia be able to maintain its influence in the fashion magazine rows. In turn, a revolutionary change takes place in the Vogue British edition. This is the first issue of Edward Enniful in the hands of (at last!) this month. Which is clearly a charming and charismatic, for some reason, of the pictures of Steven Meisel. Be sure to follow and watch the adventures of the British Vogue take us.

Notion Magazine – have set themselves up as a truly independent music magazine. On the background of another edition, this edition is just starting to experience their teen years. Released since 2004, offering new articles online on a daily basis every day, and a four printed editions in a year. Notion combines a love for music and fashion very well, becoming also the fashion magazine for fashionable lovers. Very informative and interesting visual content for the small Notion team.

Metal Magazine – the trendsetters of the latest fashion editorials tend to be uneasy with print spending. Here’s Metal Magazine, do not consider it necessary to come out more than twice a year. But despite this, the magazine is found in more than 25 countries. Metal Magazine – was born in Barcelona as an independent project to offer a variety of views on fashion, photography and art. Indeed, the content of this publication is far more distinct both in terms of content and in visual terms. It is precisely why to keep them in the eye. Metal Magazine informs you about the most current things in the fashion industry, while at the same time letting their reader get to know new words in fashion. Begin to focus on Metal Magazine and you will understand what we are talking about.